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CapsuleComputers.com.au - It's a fantastic game. Excellent for exercising your mind and memory skills. I'm horrible when it comes to memory games, but after a few goes (probably 100 +) I was able to get 8-2 on the Monkey Challenge which was insane.

MonkeyMagic - OpenFeint social scoring is done well in this game. Nothing drives you better than a little healthy competition. Although the memory challenge is similar, the game modes are different enough to keep you entertained. Love the sounds and graphics. Very appropriate.

iTouchApps4U - ...after a couple tries playing it I got used to it and I realized that this game is actually really good and I like it a lot. Yes, its a simple concept but its really enjoyable and its pretty addictive too.

kiddblue - Here is my first review for a site I am writing for, Touch Aholics. I had a fun time trying out the game, which is pretty awesome by the way.    I have not ran across a game as addicting since Harbor Master some time ago.


A study done by Kyoto University shows that a 5 years old chimpanzee can identify numbers from 1-9 in correct order after having these numbers flashed to them for a fraction of a second.

You think you can beat that! Try this game and see.


It is widely known that humans lose their ability to grasp and retain information with age, perhaps due to daily stress and information overload. But the good news is that it can be gained back by engaging the part of brain responsible for memory, focus and cognitive skills. This game might do just that for you.

How many games can you say is fun and good for your brain too?

We invite you to play the game daily and see how far you can progress in the various statistics such as most number of pieces remembered, most consecutive wins, top scores, etc.

Compare your stats to global stats and see how well you stack up against others and what percentile you fall into. Add your friends from Facebook and twitter and compare your results to them, all in fun.

And when you feel ready, challenge yourself against the monkey you see in the video. Ayumu can correctly identify numbers 1-5 correctly with 80% accuracy when the numbers were flashed for 0.21 seconds. Humans average approximately 40% accuracy. How well do you think you'll do?

Check out this newsclip that was done on ABC News!
Check out the demo video!
The Monkey Challenge Level!


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